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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


All you now have to do is post the information about you in the following form:
Your designer style:
Graphics sample:
A little about yourself:


  1. Name: Maria
    Nickname: mvm2807
    Your designer style: avant-garde
    Graphics sample: http://clck.ru/GTQB
    A little about yourself: I do not speak a lot about myself.

  2. Name: Selena Marilyn De Ville
    Nickname: Ruubin
    Your designer style: Vintage
    Graphics sample: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CKjvx1tSSqc/TgEOmWGabGI/AAAAAAAAAk8/C9koQne_heo/s1600/test1%25283%2529.png
    A little about yourself: Whats to say? I'm awesome xD JK

  3. Name:Edita
    Your designer style: all styles
    Graphics sample:http://i54.tinypic.com/153pdee.png
    A little about yourself:love music ,art and friends =:)

  4. Name: K (sparklewand12)
    Nickname: K
    Your designer style: Don't think I have one yet!
    Graphics sample: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vVZv3CGVduE/Thxub4UVt1I/AAAAAAAAAh0/63bJExLKiGw/s1600/TidalSpoiler3.jpg
    A little about yourself: I've only just started graphics really, and I've only worked on my swimwear line so that's all I can show you, there's more at it's blog: tidalswimwearsd.blogspot.com if you want to see. I really love stardoll and designing, and I love taking part in contests and projects, as they give me experience and helps me get to know people on stardoll and get my name out there.

    Love K xxx

  5. Name:A&JT
    Your designer style:Vintage, but I really dont dress vintage everyday, I like to mix it up a bit.
    Graphics sample:http://stardoll-local-news.blogspot.com/p/glamorous.html
    A little about yourself:In my free time I like to draw, edit pics, and find tutorials.

  6. Name: Ali
    Nickname: AliceIzzy454
    Your designer style: Mixed, a bit of everything. I like modern bright kind of clothes.
    Graphic sample:http://i56.tinypic.com/30ab212.jpg
    A bit about yourself: I am creative, I love art and I'm always drawing. I like cycling and being free in the wind. I love stardoll designing and designing in real life.
    Ali x

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  8. Fyusha
    Ehm....everyday differ
    i'm lazy and non-stop smockin' architect

  9. Kate
    all styles
    i love art , music (jazz) and bass guitars.

  10. Name: Alexandra
    Nickname: Alexb120
    Your designer style: I don´t know
    Graphics sample:https://picasaweb.google.com/103593419753435600856/StardollGraphics?authkey=Gv1sRgCPfz2fHSib_9eg#5631566771721753874
    A little about yourself: I´m portuguese, i have 15 years...

  11. Name: Megan
    Nickname: MegaGirlAlways
    Your designer style: Mixed...I always wear pretty and fashionably picked outfits :)
    Graphics sample: stardollsilverstar.blogOspot.com (remove O)
    A little about yourself:
    Im from Serbia, im 17 years old, i had one ss account on stardoll that was hacked two years ago after a short time i returned to stardoll with a new account ... so in total i have been on stardoll for 4,5 years maybe more.
    Anything else you wish to know just ask me on sd :)

  12. Name: Lindsey
    Nickname: LoveGossip4life
    Your designer style: I'm always making graphics with a modern look, I especially love to make clothing and hair :)
    Graphics sample: you can see all my graphics at lindseysgraphics.blogspot.com

    but my grpahic that first got me recognized is this one: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-L4cT9zel27Y/TYAK7wPNecI/AAAAAAAAB8w/YwKdCGCRYaE/s1600/noh8sd.png

    (Sorry its in blogger link... I didn't bother uploading it :P)

    A little about yourself: I am a 13 year old girl who I guess might be a bit more mature than others my age, but I love to do artistic and creative things, I adore designing my suite, and of course, making grahics! I live in the United States, and I think my country is a great place to live!

  13. Name: Vanessa
    Nickname: PrincessDiana90
    Your designer style: :B I don't know
    Graphics sample: http://vanessagraphics.blogspot.com/
    A little about yourself: I'm from Mexico, i no speak english, i use a translator. I have 13 years. Perdon for my bad english :S.